A list of vender name to vender ID mappings -- http://caff.openbeer.it/wireless/mac_list.txt

A list of vender name to vender ID mappings -- http://caff.openbeer.it/wireless/mac_list.txt

Post by Miles Lan » Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:10:05

This list appears to contain vender/ID mapping information
that could be helpful when we are identifying hotplugged


It correctly identified "00D0F5 == Orange Micro, Inc."
for my Orange Micro iBOT Fireware *.  I cannot
vouch for the other entries.


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1. OpenBSD 3.2 as DSL-Router/Packetfilter/Wireless Access Point (AP)

Hello everybody,

I just set up an OpenBSD 3.2 on a Pentium I with:
-128 EDO
-2 Ethernet-Interfaces (de0&ne3)
-1 Wireless PCMCIA Adapter (Netgear M401RA: Prism 2.5 chipset, Firmware
1.0.7, 1.3.6 (station)) (wi0)

Now there are troubles setting up OBSD as wireless Access Point.

There are no problems with my DSL with IP-Masquerading(NAT), the
packetfilter (PF), every kind of (ether-)networking activity etc.
LAN: on ne3
Internet: on tun0
wLAN: on wi0

Bringing up the wi0 and its configuration were a bit harder to realize
than I expected. My current configs look like this:

pass in all
pass out all =)
nat on tun0 from to any -> tun0
nat on tun0 from to any -> tun0

up media 10baseT

/etc/hostname.ne3 up media autoselect

!wicontrol \$if -e 1 -k "**********" -p 1 -c 1 -s "router" -n "WLAN" -f
11 -t 11

The SSID will also be WLAN if no other is set.

Internet is working fine. NAT is ok. ping on www.google.de and
are ok. But theres no way to reach from any wLAN andapter.

Are there any bugs im my config? Why doesn't the wLAN work?

I'm glad of any kind of help!


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