Recovering data from a damaged ext2 partition?

Recovering data from a damaged ext2 partition?

Post by a.. » Sun, 20 Oct 2002 14:50:09

I have a somewhat broken disk with some data I'd like to get back. I've
run badblocks and according to it, most of the partition is ok, but
apparently inode 2 and hence the root dir is unreadabe and so debugfs
   can't seem to be able to do much.

Is there anything else I can do in this situation?
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1. How to recover data from a damaged NTFS partition?

Hi all,

I'm one of the unlucky owners of IBM hard drives (DTLA and
IC35). A fourty-gig died on me (the infamous "click click
click buy-a-western-digital click click click" sound) just
when I was booting the PC to backup it (talk about "luck").

I have important data there, which I could though restore
from elsewhere, but it would be extremely painful to do so.
So I'm not going to send the HD to a repair center (how much
would it cost, by the way?), but I'm trying to do it myself.

In the first 0 .. 71045 sectors range there are good sectors
and bad sectors. The following seem to be good. Since no
utility was able to copy my HD, I wrote a little proggy
that does sector-by-sector copy and doesn't stupidly quit
reporting an error when it finds a bad sector, but it simply
tries to put the pieces of it together, till it gets a
good (or wannabe good) sector.

In substance, I should have in 1-2 nights, in another HD,
the clone (as much as possible, that is) of my damaged HD.

I'm writing to ask you: will I be able to restore my files?
Considering that the damage is done in the first ~71000
sectors, can I expect to find a copy of the "FAT" above
that range? There was (is?) only one partition, and the
filesystem is NTFS.. I was forgetting to say. :)

To make a long story short:
what are the best utilities to recover as many files as
possible from a NTFS partition damaged (more or less in
the first ~71000 sectors)? I know Tiramisu, but it's only
for FAT, as far as I remember.

Thanks a lot for any hint/advice.. and take this one from
me as if it was law: NEVER EVER buy an IBM/Hitachi hard
drive, if you have the least of respect for your person.


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