multiple psx pads with gamecon

multiple psx pads with gamecon

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I post carbon copy to linux-kernel and joystick guru on my own
judgment. Please forgive me.

Quote:> Hi, I was reading your thread on gamecon development and thought you might
> be able to help me.  I have 2 psx pads hooked up to my printer port which
> both work fine in windows but can only get one working in linux.
> modprobe gamecon gc=0,7,7

> When I test the 2nd pad using  od -xw8 /dev/input/js1 I get:
> /dev/input/js1: No such device
> but I verified and js1 is there.

Your procedure seems to be perfect. Your problem is not caused by your
miss, but by gamecon.c specification.

There are several varieties in DPP-style pararrel connector. Each 1P
are same, but 2P+ are differant. Your DPP is 1 or 2 perhaps. Gamecon.c
seems to support 3 (SNESkey psx). I am sorry, I can not help you.

1. DPP standard (1P-2P)
1-1. DPP standard + unmodified multitap (1P-4P)

2. DPP multitap (1P-5P, also called "mega-tap")

3. SNESkey psx (1P-5P, gamecon.c psx)

Thank you for your reading,

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