i810 I/O APIC (was Sticky IO-APIC problem)

i810 I/O APIC (was Sticky IO-APIC problem)

Post by Colin Baye » Wed, 11 Jul 2001 19:20:07

D'oh!  Well, I still haven't gotten the APIC to work... after *several* unclean reboots (and repeatedly checking my hex math), I'm back where I started.  After tinkering inside the configuration space of the I/O Controller Hub, no change is evident in /proc/interrupts.  The next time I start up XFree86, it freezes at a blank screen.  No vterm switches, Magic SysRq keys, or three-fingered salutes rescue me from it; the kernel doesn't even sing a verse of "Aiee, Killing My Interrupt Handler Softly".  Nothin' + bupkus.  Nothing.  Well, it's obviously not going to work from user space. 8-(  Any thoughts from the gurus out there?

     -- Colin

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