2.4.13-ac5 && vtun not working

2.4.13-ac5 && vtun not working

Post by Mar » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 09:10:11

Quote:> Basically, don't pass a string lack one "%d" into dev_alloc_name
> because dev_alloc_name() runs sprintf on that string with an
> integer argument.

I fail to follow you - yes, dev_alloc_name calls sprintf on it, but
sprintf works fine on strings without "%d", and dev_alloc_name also works
fine (despite a little suboptimal).

> >(oh, and after reading the comments int hat file, I think that maybe tun.c
> >simply shouldn't call dev_alloc_name...)
> Hmm, let me check that.
> I was under the assumption that it's dev.c bug :)

well, reading the part again it seems that dev_alloc_name is not "allocating
a name" but just looking for a free one. If it is indeed logically allocating
the devicename then it's a bug in dev.c. If it is just used to find a free
existing name, then it's a bug in tun.c (and elsewhere), in that it simply
shouldn't call dev_alloc_name, but instead allocates the name itself.

my personal opinion is that dev_alloc_name should work, as it would be the
logical place to do this stuff, an abstraction. it could be coded more
efficiently, but it doesn't seem to be a terrible important place anyways.

but I also must admit that I, well, know nothing ;)

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