sysctl interface to bootflags?

sysctl interface to bootflags?

Post by Thomas Hoo » Thu, 11 Oct 2001 01:00:14


./  ../  a.out*  sbf.c

CMOS register:51
Segmentation fault



> > Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> > 0x80489be in outb_p ()

> outb doesn't work unless you compile with -O2 iirc.

> regards,

> Dave.

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> | Dave Jones.
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1. sysctl interface


I have RedHat 5.0 and I compiled a new kernel with all the ppp stuff
compiled in.  For some
strange reason ip forwarding was explicitly turned off by sysctl.  Well
I do not want that
to happen :)  .....  With all the libc woes I have experienced and this
problem  I have gone
back to 4.2 for now.

Anyway one may wish to increase the number of open files for squid proxy
server without
applying a patch and recompiling the kernel.

FreeBSD has a sysctl interface that can turn on and off or adjust some
kernel parameters
on the fly.  This is very handy and desirable for Linux.

The question is, is there such an interface and/or is it possible to
have this control over the
kernel?   Things like turning on/off SMP, adjusting open files, turning
on/off ip forwarding
and whatever else we can imagine to do on the fly.


Grahame Jordan

"Do or do not; There is no try"

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