fix .text.exit error in tdfxfb.c

fix .text.exit error in tdfxfb.c

Post by Burton Samogra » Mon, 23 Sep 2002 05:40:05

> Hi James,

> Burton Samograd reported a .text.exit error at the final linking in
> 2.5.37. The problem is that tdfxfb_remove is __devexit but the pointer to
> the function didn't use __devexit_p. The following patch fixes it:

Thanks james, that fixed the lets see if it runs :)


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1. fix ad1889.c .text.exit error

In 2,4,21-pre6 the function ad1889_remove in drivers/sound/ad1889.c is
__devexit but the pointer to it doesn't use __devexit_p resulting in a
.text.exit error if !CONFIG_HOTPLUG.

The following patch is needed:

--- linux-2.4.21-pre6-full-nohotplug/drivers/sound/ad1889.c.old 2003-03-27 22:40:12.000000000 +0100

        name:           DEVNAME,
        id_table:       ad1889_id_tbl,
        probe:          ad1889_probe,
-       remove:         ad1889_remove,
+       remove:         __devexit_p(ad1889_remove),

 static int __init ad1889_init_module(void)

I've tested the compilation with 2.4.21-pre6.

Please apply


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