MCA sysfs part V - update smc-mca driver (and updates to API)

MCA sysfs part V - update smc-mca driver (and updates to API)

Post by J.E.J. Bottomle » Sun, 24 Nov 2002 04:20:06

This tidies up the mca driver API and places it into its own file.

The main part converts the smc-mca driver to using the sysfs probe interface
(and thus no-longer needs its entry in Space.c).  I had to rename the io and
irq parameters to be ultra_io and ultra_irq to prevent clashes.

I think this one concludes all the modifications to drivers of actual MCA
cards I have access to.


19K Download

1. MCA sysfs part IV - implementation in the SCSI NCR_D700 driver

Well, this was what the previous patches were all aiming for:  a SCSI
implementation which gives me a D700 driver that's correctly plumbed into
sysfs and which can also DMA happily to/from all 4Gb on an x86.

I'll look at converting other devices over (probably the smc-mca, since that's
my current ethernet card).

All of the patches are also available in the bitkeeper tree at:


9K Download

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