/dev/random cleanup

/dev/random cleanup

Post by Oliver Xymoro » Sun, 29 Sep 2002 08:00:06

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The following patches against 2.5.39 clean up the RNG support
substantially. Please pay special attention to the first patch, which
fixes two major bugs in the reseeding logic. They can be easily
demonstrated by running 'cat /dev/random | hexdump' on a quiescent
system. When it blocks, lightly tapping the mouse generates a large
stream of additional output, despite very little entropy being added.

The second and third patches introduce my fixes for the more
theoretical issues and should address all the issues that have been

The fourth and fifth make the pool and reseeding logic much more clear
and create a new pool for /dev/urandom that avoids starving
/dev/random readers.

Six and seven propagate the new API to the rest of the kernel and
remove dead code.

Please apply.

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