Getting 2.91.66

Getting 2.91.66

Post by Hipbrothe » Wed, 21 Mar 2001 15:08:10


I'm running Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r2, updating packages in sync with the
"unstable" tree. I got my Kernel 2.4.2 to compile OK on the first try using
GCC 2.95.2, but as I added support for SMB fs and MSDOS fs, the compiler
started returning errors. Should I downgrade to GCC 2.91.66? If so, is
there any "easy" or "automagical" way to do it with a .DEB package or an
APT source?
        Thank you for any assistance!

- Josh


1. problem with egcs-1.1.2 / gcc 2.91.66 on Linux (Suse 6.1/6.2)

Recently I've upgraded my suse system to 6.2, and thus upgraded
egcs to 1.1.2 (from egcs 1.1.1), alias gcc-2.91.66 (from 2.91.60).

all my large application (which have been ported to a dozen of different compiler and systems,
and are developed extensively using purify) no more run correctly
and crash with SEGV in unlogical place (eg: in an auto destructor, ...)
without any understandable cause (I've investigated for a long time).

The only explanation for me is that gcc-2.91.66 introduced a bug somewhere ...

I cannot go back because it would mean changing my whole system back
(I've tried it is a mess, it involve glibc-6.1 and everything around).

are there some well known bug in gcc-2.91.66/egcs-1.1.2 that
would explain my problems ?
are there some solution ?
is gcc-2.95.0 a stable release, a solution ?
whar about libstdc++, glibc 6.1 ...

any advice otherwise ?

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