PATCH: 2.5.27 fix abusers of set_bit

PATCH: 2.5.27 fix abusers of set_bit

Post by Alan Co » Tue, 23 Jul 2002 04:50:10

Neither epca nor specialix actually -care- what the event flag size is so
switching to unsigned long makes life happy and maybe makes it work 64bit

diff -u --new-file --recursive --exclude-from /usr/src/exclude linux-2.5.27/drivers/char/epca.h linux-2.5.27-ac1/drivers/char/epca.h
--- linux-2.5.27/drivers/char/epca.h    Sat Jul 20 20:11:23 2002

        int    close_delay;
        int    count;
        int    blocked_open;
-       int    event;
+       ulong  event;
        int    asyncflags;
        uint   dev;
        long   session;
diff -u --new-file --recursive --exclude-from /usr/src/exclude linux-2.5.27/drivers/char/specialix_io8.h linux-2.5.27-ac1/drivers/char/specialix_io8.h
--- linux-2.5.27/drivers/char/specialix_io8.h   Sat Jul 20 20:11:04 2002

        struct tty_struct       * tty;
        int                     count;
        int                     blocked_open;
-       int                     event;
+       ulong                   event;
        int                     timeout;
        int                     close_delay;
        long                    session;
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