important announce

important announce

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Since today all articles gated in the linux.* hierarchy have their
Message-IDs rewritten. This will improve both threading and propagation,
but will break threading when replying by mail.
I hope I will be able to implement news->mail gating very soon.

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1. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCE: Check your /etc.

The Linux C library 4.3.3 will be released soon. Before I do that,
please check your /etc:

1. Get/install Rick's new mount from sunsite or tsx-11.
2. Remove/comment out "rdev > /etc/mtab" from /etc/rc. That is the job
   of "mount -av".
3. Please specify the name of filesystem of root partition (/) in
   in /etc/fstab like

/dev/hda2       /               ext2     defaults

   you have to say it.

[Ed. note: Use "minix" in place of "ext2" above if you have a Minix root
filesystem, "xia" if you use Xia fs, "ext" if you use Extended fs, and so on.
That's not clear to some people. --mdw]

You should do them NOW. They won't hurt the existing system. But if
you don't, when you upgrade to the Linux C library 4.3.3, your system
may be unusable.



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