BSOD in Linux?

BSOD in Linux?

Post by Witek Kr?cick » Sat, 29 Jun 2002 09:00:09

On my testbox (2.5.24-dj2) with rivafb turned on, after some fights with
iptables and svgalib, I finnaly said 'Work is over for today' and pressed
Ctrl-Alt-Del. I was on first console. Then i changed to second console,
keventd oopsed (which wasn't strange for me, this kernel usually oopses
while shutting down). Alt-SysRq-S, Alt-SysRq-U. But then, when I was trying
to change to 1st console the only thing I could see was... a BLUE SCREEN!!!.
My god, they are here. They're watching us. They're inserting pieces of code
into BK repository while Linus is sleeping!!! I'm waiting for 2.5.25....
Witold 'adasi' Krecicki

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The blue screen of death is now the boot screen of death.  Nice bug fixes.
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