Fw: Seg-faults and crashes

Fw: Seg-faults and crashes

Post by Marc Gige » Wed, 11 Sep 2002 04:00:13

Hi all!

First, I'm sorry for the not directly linux related question.
I don't know who to ask for my problems. I think the Linux people can help me because they have the biggest experience with hard- and software. And, as you know, most people in the computer shops are idiots!

Secondly, very good work from all Kernel-gurus! I love Linux (not so much as my girlfriend but also much) :-)

Well, here's my problem:

I have a big hardware problem but I don't know what to do anymore..:-(

For more than 2 years the box was running smoothly.
For a month or two now it started lots of segmentation faults. Mostly when I was compiling kernel or other programs.
Since last week, I don't have seg-faults anymore BUT the box crashes after a while...
Mostly, the crashes happen when the machine is under high load.

What did I do to find the bug?

Replaced the memory sticks with new ones...
Removed all cards (incl. graphic card)
Booted only with one processor (and then changed both)

All of them didn't help, the same problems remain.

I think it must be a hardware problem because I have never seen any kernel oops or other kernel message in the log files!

Well, my question is: is it possible that the memory controller on the MB is defective? Can we boot a machine with a defective memory controller?

What are the next steps to find the dog?

Some info re. my box:

Dual P3 600Mhz
Intel i820 chipset
RAMBUS memory
18 GB IBM SCSI HD (also crashes without connected IDE or SCSI HD)

Do you need more info? No problem!

Thank you very very much!!

Have a nice day with a running tux :-)



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