patch - tdfxfb fixes for 2.4.x

patch - tdfxfb fixes for 2.4.x

Post by Jakub Bogus » Wed, 23 Apr 2003 14:00:19


I've made some fixes and enhancements to tdfxfb driver in 2.4.x.
Patch (applies to 2.4.20) is available at

This patch contains:
* fix for hardware cursor
  (seems to be Voodoo4/Voodoo5 specific problem: bottom 48 lines contained
   random data if cursor start address was not aligned down to even page
  Works OK on my Voodoo4 4500, got one success report from man with
  Voodoo 5 5500. Without this fix hardware cursor was unusable on V4/V5.

* fix for logo colours
  (I'm not sure about hardware, but at least this driver doesn't support colour
   lookup tables in 16/24/32bpp, so visual must be TRUECOLOR, not DIRECTCOLOR)
  Works OK on my Voodoo4 4500, reported to work on some Voodoo3s and Voodoo5.

* interlace support (works on Voodoo4 (50 Hz only?), problably Voodoo[35] too)
* partial doublescan support (hardware cursor still doesn't work correctly,
  but such modes doesn't just turn monitor out-of-sync)

I already sent this patch to linux-fbdev-devel list some time ago (few
months or so), but didn't see any comments or response...

Jakub Bogusz    http://*
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