To Tux'es at boot

To Tux'es at boot

Post by Stig Stavi » Wed, 04 Sep 2002 15:19:48

Anyone else managed to get TO Tux'es showing up side by side while booting
I think it's pretty cool bug :)



1. Where to get or buy ES-255 and ES-220 or exchanging with ES-310 ?

Dear all,

I'm looking for Sun Training courses PDF files for "Sun Storage
Engineer Certification exam".
Course files are:

ES-220 ---  Disk Management with Solstice DiskSuite
ES-255 ---  Sun Hardware RAID Storage Systems Administration

I need these materials for preparation. Please send to my email
address if
you have. Or give me your contact address, I can pay good price for
that. I live in Toronto downtown. By the way I have ES-310 PDF file, I
would like to exchange it with you if you like. Thanks very much!

Your Sincerely,

Jia Hong

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