SRM cleanup for generic Alpha kernels

SRM cleanup for generic Alpha kernels

Post by Jan-Benedict Gla » Tue, 28 May 2002 06:50:05

Hi Linus!

Please apply this patch to current 2.5.x kernels.

        - alpha_using_srm is #define'd for machine specific kernels, but
          is a real integer variable for generic Alpha kernels. Export

        - The callback_* functions are _always_ there (they might be NOP
          functions owith generic kernels on non-SRM machines).

        - srm_env can now be compiled on generic alpha kernels. An
          explicit check for SRM capability was always there:-)

Please apply!


--- linux-2.5.18-srm/arch/alpha/kernel/alpha_ksyms.c.orig       Sun May 26 23:16:40 2002

-#endif /* CONFIG_ALPHA_SRM */

 /* platform dependent support */
--- linux-2.5.18-srm/arch/alpha/  Sun May 26 02:05:53 2002

        "ELF               CONFIG_KCORE_ELF        \
         A.OUT          CONFIG_KCORE_AOUT" ELF
-if [ "$CONFIG_PROC_FS" != "n" -a "$CONFIG_ALPHA_SRM" = "y" ]; then
+if [ "$CONFIG_PROC_FS" != "n" ]; then
    tristate 'SRM environment through procfs' CONFIG_SRM_ENV


         -- New APT-Proxy written in shell script --

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1. kernel 2.5.20 on alpha (RE: [patch] Re: kernel 2.5.18 on alpha)

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I guess I found where the error comes from:

(from the 2.5.20 Changelog):

Now I believe, that Alpha also benefits from this. :o) The only thing
I have to do - I guess - is to change the defines for copy_user_page()
and clear_user_page. Adding the not used parameter >pg< should not make
any problems.


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