$299.95 /mo Max/Max 10 GB $119 /GB Charged

$299.95 /mo Max/Max 10 GB $119 /GB Charged

Post by Con Koliva » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 02:50:06

Cannot allocate memory : fork error with 2.5.5x

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Since moving contest (http://contest.kolivas.net) to c I get an error trying to
fork with all 2.5 kernels I try after running it on the 6th load. The error does
not occur with any 2.4 kernels. I have confirmed it is still present on 2.5.58.

To reproduce the problem:
Run the latest version of contest without arguments (0.61pre) and after
no_load,cacherun,process_load,ctar_load,xtar_load and io_load it bombs out with:
bmark.c:43: SYSTEM ERROR: Cannot allocate memory : fork error

This is not an application error and does not occur with 2.4.x kernels. It
happens every time and with all 2.5 kernels I have tried. I can start contest
again without problems after each error and eventually will run into the same error.

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1. linux > 8.4 gb's of 10 gb disk?

is this possible?

on a 486, partition it with FAT16 in lower 8.4 gb's,
with 2.1 gb partitions, 4 partitions, using
win95a (before OSR2).  already have MSDOS 6.22, Win 3.1,
MSDOS 7.00 and Win95a running in primary partition on old drive
although rarely use MSDOS 6.22, let alone Win 3.1.
will format new 10 gb drive with format from MSDOS 6.22
to avoid any problems, so there is backwards compatibility
to all known operating systems.  (believe it or not, one
stat test from SPSS [exact test] will only run properly in Win 3.1
so need to have flexibility for these strange anomalies)

then add linux after the 8.4 gb boundary?
will linux be able to read the win95 files in the previous
2.1 gb partitions of the 8.4 gb section?

don't see why not.
may need partition magic 3 which can handle 8.4 gb
but does not go beyond 8.4 gb so not sure if can
make a linux partition in the 8.4 to 10 gb range.

ibm tech said no problem with their deskstar 10 gb drive.

but thought i would ask here.



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