Nightly regression runs against current bk tree

Nightly regression runs against current bk tree

Post by Paul Larso » Wed, 04 Jun 2003 18:10:23

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I'm unsubscribed for the moment until my
email provider can get exim/procmail talking nicely.

LTP has had a mailing list for a long time that is explicitly for the
purpose of posting results.  It's currently underutilized so I'd love to
see more results getting posted there again.  Please consider using that
one for posting results of all types (LTP and non-ltp)

Paul Larson

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1. Nightly regression runs against current bk tree

Our team would like to assist the community in quickly identifying
patches that provide
performance improvements or regressions in the 2.5 kernel tree. The way
to do this
will be to run a nightly regression test suite against the current bk
tree, and then compare
the results against the previous night's results, showing the
differences. Additionally,
also comparing against the 2.5 point release.

We have dedicated a machine and thrown together some scripts that will grab
and build the latest kernel files, execute the regression suite,
collecting (hopefully)
enough system state information to allow meaningful analysis of any peculiar
results encountered.

Here are links to the current regression results obtained:

2.5.70 vs 2.5.70-bk1:

2.5.70 vs 2.5.70-bk2:
2.5.70-bk1 vs 2.5.70-bk2

The regression suite executes in about 7.5 hours currently. We would
like to keep
the execution time below 12 hours, so when a problem is encountered, we
will have
time to recover without falling behind on the daily snapshots. We have
to strike a balance between test execution time and test coverage. Work
is still
ongoing in the area to provide the best balance and maintain repeatability.

Currently the regression suite operates on the 2.5 kernel bk tree. We do
plan on
adding another machine that will perform similiar regression comparisons
for the
-mm and -mjb patches.

Please bear in mind this is work in progress and there might be a few
rough edges.
However, with your input, we feel it can provide a useful function.
Please do not
hesitate to provide feedback or suggestions on improvements including
and presentation.

Mark Peloquin
IBM Linux performance team

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