why do i get kernel panic?

why do i get kernel panic?

Post by Nico Schotteliu » Sun, 13 Jan 2002 22:30:21

Hello dear list!

Can somebody help me to find out, why I get a kernel panic (init not
found ) when I boot ?
I can't understand why the kernel does not find init.
The system I try to boot is brandnew-selfmade.
I copied it via nfs to the hd. I ran lilo after I copied the files.
The kernel and init resist on the second partition of the first scsi
The kernel includes scsi controller (aic7xxx) and disc support.
I thought possibly the kernel tries to mount the wrong root, but there
just /dev/discs/disc0/part2 to mount, /dev/discs/disc0/part1 is swap and
are no more harddiscs.
Passing init=/bin/sh results in the same message, although both files
and have the x - bit set.

Anyone any idea what's wrong ?
Please cc: me if you answer, I am not subscribed to the list anymore.

Nico Schottelius

I am some kind of busy -
Do not expect an answer within 24 hours.
Instead use the telephon: +49 (0) 173 - 750 7022.

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1. Why am I getting Kernel Panic VFS cannot mount root fs on 301?

Unfortunately I cannot copy the exact text I'm getting, but it is something
similar to that.  Now that I have time again, I desperately need to maintain
drivers/usb/media/vicam.c again and am trying to boot 2.5.70 to do so.  
Here's what I've tried:

Freshly installed debian woody
Freshly downloaded 2.5.70
Downloaded, compiled and installed init-module-utils 0.9.12 from Rusty's site.
Downloaded, compiled and installed latest devfsd (although it currently does
not seem to get to a point where this would matter, it never mounts the root
fs in order to start devfsd)
Carefully followed instructions in Documentation/filesystems/devfs/README on
setting up devfs for the impatient.
Configured kernel, including enabling devfs and devfs_mount.
make bzImage modules modules_install install (not in one line, one at  a time)
went into lilo.conf and added an append="root=<device>" line, then re-ran
lilo.  (where I say <device> I have tried about 100 different possibilities
ranging from easy ones like /dev/hda1 or /dev/discs/disc0/part1 to
/dev/ide/...)  Obviously I only get the "301" error when the root= line is
missing and I let lilo write that magic value.

No matter what root= line I supplied it just wouldn't boot.  I've also tried
devfs=mount, devfs=nomount all to no solution.  So in frustration I rebuilt
the kernel without devfs, since I figured that is where my problem was, but
the exact error is still occurring.  I tried both leaving in a root= and
removing the root= append line with devfs not installed.

I can still boot fine with whichever kernel woody installed (2.4.16 I think).

I don't think this is a devfs problem.  I think there is some subtle (or maybe
blatantly obvious) kernel option I have not checked which would cause the
whole situation to go away.

Does anybody know what this option is?

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