Version 17 of the IPMI driver

Version 17 of the IPMI driver

Post by Corey Minyar » Tue, 14 Jan 2003 21:30:07

This is yet another release of the IPMI driver for Linux.  This release
mostly compensates for hardware bugs.

Some broken hardware doesn't implement the KCS state machine quite right.
The 1.0 spec is a little vague and some vendors got it wrong.

It implements retries for messages sent on the IPMB bus, since they
can be lost, and some IPMB busses are not up to snuff.

It modifies the message timers to not start until after the message has
been transmitted by the SMI.  If your KCS interface is slow or very busy,
it could have caused problems because the timer was started at queue time,
not when the message was actually sent on the IPMB.  This only affect IPMB.

If fixes a minor 2.5 compile issue.

As usual, you can get the drivers from SourceForge.  The home page is
gets you directly to the page with the info.


PS - In case you don't know, IPMI is a standard for system management, it
provides ways to detect the managed devices in the system and sensors
attached to them.  You can get more information at

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1. New version of the IPMI driver (version 23)

This update makes significant changes to the IPMI driver.  No user
interfaces changes have been made (although some new features have been
added), but lots of internal changes have been done.  These are:

    * A new low-level driver has been added, the "SI" (System Interface)
      driver.  It supports both KCS and SMIC interfaces.  The old
      KCS-only interface is also there, but it is deprecated.
    * A socket interface has been added to the driver, this adds an IPMI
      socket (so that another device number doesn't have to be used to
      talk to IPMI).
    * Support has been added for setting the timeout parameters on a
      per-message or per-connection basis.
    * A bunch of proc filesystem statistics have been added for IPMI.
    * The ACPI code should work in all cases now, and auto-detects the
      interface type.
    * Tons of little bug fixes, performance fixes, etc. have been done.
    * A new version of the IMB and Radisys emulation drivers are also
      there, with minor bug fixes.

This should be pretty stable, a lot of people have been testing it.
Thanks to all those who helped me with this.

You can get it at, a 2.4.21 and 2.5.73 version
are available.

I plan to start trying to push this into 2.5 soon.


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