2.4.19 rivafb updates

2.4.19 rivafb updates

Post by Rob Short » Wed, 04 Dec 2002 17:10:11

Quote:> This patch provides the ability to work with LCDs, bug fixes to cleanup
> code, Mac support, and support for more nvidia cards. The Mac code was
> added from a patch Ani Joshi sent me.
> http://rain.prohosting.com/scftpd/rivafb-richards1.diff.gz

Hi Paul,

First of all, thanks for this patch!  I came accross it while searching
the archives last night.  I am using a GeForce4 MX440 and have applied
your patch, now rivafb successfully detects my card.

I am trying to use rivefb with my TV as the (only) display.  I have

TV's, also this is the mode I use when using X to display on my TV.
With rivafb in this mode (similar results for other modes) my display is
totally garbled with rectangles of colours going everywhere.

My question is does something need to change with regard to rivafb to
play nice with a television as the display or do I just need to keep
searching for a better modeline?  I will be testing the patched rivafb
this evening with a regular monitor to make sure that works as well.

Once again, thanks!  If anyone else on this list has any input that also
would be appreciated.

-Rob Shortt

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1. 2.4.19 rivafb updates

On Tue, 03 Dec 2002 11:06:07  

Sorry for the wait (real life stuff), but unfortunately there is no tv-out support in this patch.


Paul F. Richards

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