Various updates

Various updates

Post by Russell Kin » Sat, 27 Jul 2002 19:20:12

The following is a copy of what's pending in my BK and CVS repositories,
with the exception of the removal of serial_{21285,amba}.c in drivers/char
(which would push the patch over 40K.)

My preferred route to get this to Linus is via a BK pull; this is for
everyone else.

 Documentation/serial/driver |    2
 drivers/serial/core.c       |    5
 4 files changed, 5 insertions, 2513 deletions


        [SERIAL] Stop open() looping while opening a non-present port
        Trying to open a non-present port (for configuration) causes us to
        to endlessly loop (by returning -ERESTARTSYS).  We should be returning
        success.  This cset fixes this.

        [SERIAL] Fix buglet causing (eg) ttyS-14
        Allocate positive instead of negative line numbers when 8250.c
        registers a new port with the core.  This bug could cause
        registrations to erroneously fail, or oopsen when the pcmcia
        serial device is ejected.

        [SERIAL] Fix documentation bug for expected stop_tx interrupt state.

diff -Nru a/Documentation/serial/driver b/Documentation/serial/driver
--- a/Documentation/serial/driver       Fri Jul 26 10:52:30 2002

                  TTY stop to the driver (equiv to rs_stop).

        Locking: port->lock taken.
-       Interrupts: caller dependent.
+       Interrupts: locally disabled.
        This call must not sleep

diff -Nru a/drivers/serial/core.c b/drivers/serial/core.c
--- a/drivers/serial/core.c     Fri Jul 26 10:52:30 2002

        if (signal_pending(current))
                return -ERESTARTSYS;

+       if (info->tty->flags & (1 << TTY_IO_ERROR))
+               return 0;
        if (tty_hung_up_p(filp) || !(info->flags & UIF_INITIALIZED))
                return (port->flags & UPF_HUP_NOTIFY) ?

                state->port->regshift = port->regshift;
                state->port->iotype   = port->iotype;
                state->port->flags    = port->flags;
-               state->port->line     = drv->state - state;
+               state->port->line     = state - drv->state;

                __uart_register_port(drv, state, state->port);



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1. Various Ports and Kernel Updating Issues

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Both these issues bring to mind another problem; loss of
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old programs and some newer ones on the system. I assume the best
way to do this is to make upgrades to all ports, the kernel and
OS onto a different partition and then reboot from that. Is there
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