Restricting available ports

Restricting available ports

Post by Roy Sigurd Karlsbak » Thu, 12 Apr 2001 18:20:06

Hi all

A friend of mine asked me how he could restrict which ports a given user
should be allowed to open. He's running a shell server people use for
IRC bots. I don't think this is possible today. Is it possible to build
it without ruining the whole system? Like a kernel module?

Please cc: to me, as I'm not on the list



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1. Jikes port available in /usr/ports

    FreeBSD now has a jikes port, /usr/ports/lang/jikes.  Also
    accessible via, of course.

    Jikes is IBM's open-source Java source-to-bytecode compiler.

    Note that there are some copyright issues.  The port will
    print out the URL to the information when you make it.

    I've just finished commiting the latest set of (minor) bug
    fix patches, which should show up by tomorrow.  But the port works great
    as it currently stands.


    Matthew Dillon  Engineering, HiWay Technologies, Inc. & BEST Internet

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