first step in making chroot nestable?

first step in making chroot nestable?

Post by Shaya Potte » Mon, 21 Oct 2002 19:00:09

in looking through the code, it seems the follow_dotdot() function in
fs/namei.c is the ultimate part of how the kernel keeps programs jailed
into a chroot.

basically (very basic) what it appears to do is

if (place we chrooted == current place)
        we're at the root

Quote:} otherwise we aren't

If we would have a linked list of chroot points, and whenever we hit one
of those points in a walk, we treat it as a root, wouldn't this chain
any fd's one brought into a chroot to the original root of that fd.

yes, there are other things that would have to be taken care of to make
a chroot jail more secure, but this should be an easy thing, correct? or
am I missing more.



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