Post by Dave Olie » Wed, 25 Sep 2002 04:30:15

> Neither 2.5.35 nor 2.5.36 has any critical bio fixes, so I would look
> into this a bit more if I were you. Only if you were using
> bio_kmap_irq() would there be something to look for, but DAC960 is not.
> That was 2.5.35. 2.5.36 just starts sizing bio_vec pools based on free
> memory, no bug fixes. Likewise in the block layer, I'm not seeing
> anything.

I'll spend some time this week looking into this.  I have an idea
on how I might track down what's going on.  I'll let you know if
I discover anything.


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I am trying to install a Suse 8.0 on an old server Siemens Primergy
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I have started the installation from floppy
Then I've successfully loaded the additional SCSI drivers to recognize
the CD-Rom and his Adaptec host adapter AHA-1510.
Then I have successfully (??) loaded the additional SCSI drivers for
Mylex DAC960.
But when the install procedure starts to "probe" the hard disks, I
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