tcp urgent data broken since 2.5.34?

tcp urgent data broken since 2.5.34?

Post by Andries.Brou.. » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 02:50:05

Since 2.5.34 I see a lot of processes* for a while.
I just looked at what might cause this, and I get the strong
impression that something went wrong with the 2.5.34 patch
that introduced sk_send_sigurg() (or possibly the signal

 B->A: urg 1
 B->A: some data
 A->B: ack for the urg
half a minute later:
 B->A: resend of some data
 A->B: ack

This is using rlogin/rlogind.
Will look further later, but in the meantime somebody might
see immediately what causes this.


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