2.4.19-pre9 kernel panic: kfree_skb passed skb stillon list

2.4.19-pre9 kernel panic: kfree_skb passed skb stillon list

Post by Berthold Coge » Thu, 20 Jun 2002 00:27:48

All I got is this:

kfree_skb passed skb still on list
Kernel panic, killing interrupt handler

I must confess that I paniced a little bit. I had to get the machine back to
work and I don't know what to look for.
This was the third crash since I changed to kernel 2.4.x (only reason was the
need for big harddrives). This one was the first with some kind of error
message. There are no signs of trouble in the system logs. All I see are the
last entries before the crash and then the restart of the system.


Asus CUV4X, 2* 1 GHz PIII, 1 GB SDRAM
2* Intel Pro/100 S Dual Port Server Adapter (only 1 Port in use, two other ports
connected but unused, for Fast EtherChannels in the future)
6* 80 GB IDE harddrives
1* 160 GB Maxtor IDE harddrive


2.4.19-pre4/pre9 (first two crashes with -pre4, last with -pre9)

Intel e100-2.0.30 network driver

Distribution: Debian stable/testing/unstable

Thanks in advance

Berthold Cogel


1. kbuild25 version 3.0 for 2.4.19-pre9 and 2.4.19-pre9-ac3

kbuild.sf.net have kbuild25 version 3.0 released yesterday.

Also I fixed some silly bugs I've left in Makefile.in. I'm really happy that
people ARE interested in what I'm doing and provided feedback.

And filename is getting longer :)


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