Debugging modules with kgdb - single stepping issues

Debugging modules with kgdb - single stepping issues

Post by Bhavana Nagendr » Wed, 18 Sep 2002 03:50:07


I'm not sure if kernel de* issues are inappropriate on this
list, but I'd think most of you would have used kgdb at one time
or another.

I have a kgdb setup (kernel 2.4.18-5 patched with the 2.4.18 kgdb)
and I'm debugging a module.   I notice that I can add break points,
and stop execution, however I'm not able to step into the code.
The module has been compiled with gdb symbols (-g).  I've used the script to load the module.  I'm using the gdb (5.2.1).

One thing to note though, is I'm debugging a DRM kernel module which
resides it's own Xfree tree.  But it's a kernel module and I don't believe
that should be the problem.

Any thoughts?  What am I missing?  I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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1. Modules: Step by Step

At this point, type
    depmod -a 2.0.13
This builds a new /lib/modules/2.0.13/modules.dep that kerneld uses to
find the modules the kernel asks it to load.  Change the version number
according to the version of the kernel you're building.

Check all your rc scripts to make sure kerneld isn't started twice.

see above


PGPprint = E3 0F DE CC 94 72 D1 1A  2D 2E A9 08 6B A0 CD 82

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