2.5.70: raw.c devfs support

2.5.70: raw.c devfs support

Post by Andrey Borzenko » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 18:30:06

Trivial patch to add devfs support to raw.c. Similar patch has been posted for
2.4 but apparently never applied.


< 1K Download

1. [2.5.70][ANNOUNCE] kexec for 2.5.70 available

A patch set for kexec for 2.5.70 is now available. This patch set is
based upon the stable 2.5.{67,68,69} versions of kexec. The most recent
set of kexec patches do not yet patch cleanly into 2.5.70.

This patch was tested to work on a dual-proc P4-1.7GHz Xeon system. The
only known strangeness I have observed (YMMV) is that the VESA
framebuffer driver did not reinitialize correctly after kexec-ing a new
kernel, but the system rebooted correctly.

The stable patches for 2.5.70 are available for download from OSDL's
patch life-cycle manager (PLM ) in pieces, or as a single unified patch.

More info here:

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