Clean up CREDITS a bit.

Clean up CREDITS a bit.

Post by Patrick Moche » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 02:50:05

This is a little comic relief...

I'm really not one to pick fights (though I am a bastard), and this is
really nothing personal.  But, I happen to run across this a couple of
weeks ago. The entry has absolutely _nothing_ to do with the kernel, and
it's questionable whether or not this person has anything in the kernel


===== CREDITS 1.65 vs edited =====
--- 1.65/CREDITS        Mon Oct 28 21:14:41 2002

 S: Santa Clara, CA 95052

-N: Eric S. Raymond

-D: terminfo master file maintainer
-D: Editor: Installation HOWTO, Distributions HOWTO, XFree86 HOWTO
-D: Author: fetchmail, Emacs VC mode, Emacs GUD mode
-S: 6 Karen Drive
-S: Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355
 N: Stefan Reinauer


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