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Having trouble getting my 2.4.29 kernel loading modules, because they're
missing the symbol _mmx_memcpy. Seems to me that this function is compiled
into the kernel, as arch/i386/lib/lib.a contains mmx.o and grep-ing
System.map tells that the symbol exists. depmod runs perfectly well when
passed the System.map-file from the sources, but once I have rebooted and
try to call it with just '-a', it complains about missing symbols (adding
-e shows that it's only _mmx_memcpy that's missing). It might look as if
I've not managed to load my symbols right, but inspection of
/var/log/messages confirms that the file /boot/System.map-2.4.19 was
loaded (all other kernels on the system are 2.4.18). cat-ing /proc/ksyms
shows the same (symbol exists). Still able to run depmod successfully with
the -F switch, but I can't figure out what I do wrong since it doesn't
find the right symbols automatically.

I haven't compiled too many kernels before, so it's probably something I've
forgotten, but I'd be very glad if someone bothered to answer anyway, as
I'm kind of running out of ideas...

My system is an AMD Athlon running Debian Woody 3.0.

Stein Jakob Nordb?


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