linux crashes when i try to burn audio cd's

linux crashes when i try to burn audio cd's

Post by Michae » Mon, 18 Jun 2001 16:10:05

I'm using kernel 2.2.16-22 w/ RedHat 7.0 w/ cdrecord 1.9. I have a P133 w/
64M RAM w/ a Smart & Friendly 2006 Plus SCSI CD-R. It burns data discs
without problem but when I try to burn an audio disc Linux comes to a
complete halt. I can't get any console or network response and no error
messages appear or get logged. I've tried both wav and cdr sound files. In
Windows the audio discs burn without problems.



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Dear Linux gurus --

I am trying to Deinstall Linux from my HD, and even after wiping
the disk with norton, LILO is haunting me.

I installed LILO in the Master Boot Record, and I cannot rid
myself of it.  I just get LI .... and everything freezes.

I've tried reformatting the HD with DOS, OS/2, and even Norton
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I'm trying to install OS/2, and I have deleted and redeleted
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partition, but no luck there either.  7 disks into the installation
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I would appreciate any help you can offer.  Thanks in advance.

Chris Tyrrell

"While you're talking about it, someone else is already doing it"
--Joe Gibbs, '54

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