Network error in 2.4.10

Network error in 2.4.10

Post by Tan Wee Keon » Fri, 05 Oct 2001 18:49:37

I've encountered some network problem with 2.4.10 kernel. I'm using EEPRO100
module on a Intel EtherExpress 100 NIC. It was working fine with my older
kernel, 2.4.2 but however, when I switch to the new 2.4.10, I'm not able to
connect to the network and the error is "Destination Unreachable".

For a workaround, I downloaded 2.4.9 kernel to test out the system but also
to no avail. Still "Destination Unreachable".

I seriously doubt it's the problem of my network card, and suspect it's
gotta do with the frame type that is generated by my network card.

Does anyone have a solution?



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Just rip it off NetBSD and there you go. (FreeBSD's breaks on machines
like SPARC, NetBSD's does not.)
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