flaw in interrupt-handler - 2.5.69

flaw in interrupt-handler - 2.5.69

Post by Wiktor Wodeck » Mon, 02 Jun 2003 20:30:11

Hi there,

there seems to be a flaw in the interrupt-handler. When I insert my
pcmcia networking card into my slot the kernel prints error messages to
the logfile. The module of the card gets loaded and it works as
expected. I have the module-init-tools suite and a fairly up-to-date
system. Kernel was 2.5.69, I cannot test 2.5.70 since there's an oops
at the usb spuff on boot. I'm looking into this one.
Here's the logfile:

Jun  1 15:56:56 voyager kernel: irq 11: nobody cared!
Jun  1 15:56:56 voyager kernel: Call Trace: [handle_IRQ_event+148/232]
+[default_idle+0/40]  [default_ idle+0/40]  [common_interrupt+24/32]
+[default_idle+0/40]  [default_idle+35/40]  [cpu_idle+55/72]
[_stext+0/80]  [_stext+77/80]
Jun  1 15:56:56 voyager kernel: handlers:
Jun  1 15:56:56 voyager kernel: [yenta_interrupt+0/68]
Jun  1 15:56:57 voyager cardmgr[184]: socket 1: 3Com 572/574 Fast
Jun  1 15:56:57 voyager kernel: cs: memory probe 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff:
Jun  1 15:56:57 voyager kernel: eth0: 3C574-TX Fast EtherLink PC Card at
io 0x300, irq 4, hw_addr
Jun  1 15:56:57 voyager kernel:   ASIC rev 1, 64K FIFO split 1:1 Rx:Tx,
autoselect MII interface.

If you need something more from me, tell me.


Wiktor Wodecki
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