SMP aic7xxx 2.4.3 boot panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler

SMP aic7xxx 2.4.3 boot panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler

Post by Vivek Dasmohapatr » Wed, 04 Apr 2001 21:30:07

Has anyone else had this or a similar problem? I tried to upgrade to 2.4.3
from 2.2.18 recently, but I invariably got a kernel panic on boot - I ran
the oops through ksymoops, and it seemed to indicate that the problem
occurred while in the aic7xxx driver [although I may, of course, be
misinterpreting the ouput hideously]

I'm, going to try the old aic7xxx driver tonight, to see if that works any

[I posted the oops a couple of days ago, and I don't want to spam the
 list with it again, but if anyome is interested in the output, I'd be
 happy to send it, pluys any extra details required... ]

"They're unfriendly, which is fortunate, really.  They'd be difficult
to like."
                -- Avon

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1. aiee, killed interrupt handler - kernel panic

I was trying out the IP_Masquerade in Linux and found this nifty "feature" that
locked up the system and dumped this cute little message on my screen...
EIP: 0010:00150039
EFLAGS: 00010202
eax:  00fca651  ebx: 0100bcd8  ecx: 00fca7f0  edx: 001ee668
esi:  00fca71c  edi: 00fca730  ebp: 00fca75c  esp: 001ecfa4
ds: 0018  es:  0018  fs:002b  gs:0018  ss:0018
Process swapper (pid:0  Process nr:0  Stack page = 001eb118)
stack  00fca75c  001fa99c  0100bcd8  00000002  001fa99c  00000000  001ecff8
00000006  0000002b  001fd2f5  001ed000  001fa99c  00000000  001fad9c  00fca71c
00fca75c  0590fcc6  00fca71c  00158452  512856c6  001fa99c  00fca75c  0014d83c
calltrace 0014d2f5  00158452  0014d83c  
code: 28 89 44 24 18 8b 4c 24 18 0f b6 49 01 89 4c 24 18 8b 74 24
Aiee, killed interrupt handler
kfree of non-kmalloced memory:  00 1e d1 10, next=00 fc a7 5c, order = 0
task[0] swapper killed: unable to recover
kernel panic, trying to free swapper memory space
In swapper task - not syncing
(sorry if the format is messed up: if only there were a print-screen that is as
stable as the VC code seems to be)

   I'm still trying to figure out if the kernel felt pain when that happened-
it certainly screamed Aiee and then refused to do anything except let me look
at all the other VC's.  I can also fairly well re-produce this: all I have to
do is ftp from another host on my net using the new ip_masquerade in the 1.3.9
kernel.  I can get connect to a host (say, tsx-11) but when I actually try to
'get' something my 'router' dies this horrid death.
  I understand there are people who can actually read that register dump and
glean something usefull - is there anyone willing to translate for me?
  also: I have heard rumor of a kernel mailing-list... where is it?  ,


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