I need/am looking for advice on performance testing tools for smp/scsi system

I need/am looking for advice on performance testing tools for smp/scsi system

Post by mbs » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 03:50:07

i guess the subject of my first post was misleading.

what tools are the state of the art benchmarking tools for network, disk and
interrupt latency testing?

the Linux testing project and similar sites list may tests and provide links
to source code but do not say much about which tests are good or bad.

I need to do some kernel performance characterization on a dual xeon, dual Gb
ethernet, SCSI320/RAID system.

I need to measure network throughput vs CPU load, disk throughput, interrupt
latency, network to disk streaming and disk to net streaming.

I need to characterize the stock rh7.3 2.4 smp kernel, stock + pre-emption
patch, stock + latency patch and stock + both.  I also need to test the same
basic combinations, but stripped and optimized for my specific hardware. I
know in a general way that I will probably find the most joy with
stripped/optimized + both, but I need specifics.

I also need to compare compiled in scsi and e-net vs modules

any recommendations for which sets of benchmarking tools to use would be
appreciated greatly

        Thanks for your time,


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