Linux 2.5.15-ml3

Linux 2.5.15-ml3

Post by Martin Loschwit » Sat, 18 May 2002 01:20:08

Linux 2.5.15-ml3 is available.

The Patch against vanilla 2.5.15 is available at - please test and report bugs.

The following patches are applied in Linux 2.5.15-ml3:

The following patches are applied in Linux 2.5.15-ml2:

   o Fixing "offslab_limit /=" in mm/slab.c

The following patches are applied in Linux  2.5.15-ml1:

   o ir253_smc_msg, ir253_long_set_bit and ir253_lsap_cache_fix

   o remove unused variables from drivers/block/paride/pcd.c and

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1. Floppy corruption under Linux 2.5.15 - 2.5.17

        Under Linux 2.5.17, if I do

                dd if=a_1.44mb_floppy_image of=/dev/floppy/0

        on a newly inserted floppy, I will get "read only filesystem"
error (the write protect tab is not open).  If I then read some data from
the floppy and try the command again, the dd succeeds the second time
with no errors, and there is enough floppy disk activity to convince
me that a full disk image may have been written, but the image is
incorrect.  I have also reproduced this problem under 2.5.15.  I have
tried on two different floppy drives.  I have tried booting from the
floppy using the same drive with which I wrote the floppy, and booting
from a different floppy drive.  It does not appear to be a hardware
problem with the drive.  I will probably get to the bottom of this
in a few days in nobody beats me to it, but I thought I ought to
pass this information along in the meantime.

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