ANSIfy include/linux/a.out.h and include/linux/nls.h

ANSIfy include/linux/a.out.h and include/linux/nls.h

Post by Dervish » Fri, 17 May 2002 01:10:09

    Hello all :))

    The GCC compiler insists on ANSIfying the two files mentioned in
the subject, and I think that it should be done by the kernel
maintainers, not GCC ones.

    The little patch for 'nls.h' is to add conditional preprocessor
constructs around a typedef:

    typedef __u16 wchar_t;

   >#ifndef __cplusplus
    typedef __u16 wchar_t;

    The patch for 'a.out.h' is smaller, though:

   |#ifdef linux

   |#ifdef __linux__

    Well, I cannot really see why the ANSI standard is violated in
those two files, but if it is, the changes are pretty small to do...

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