lost tick fixes

lost tick fixes

Post by john stult » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 00:40:08

        This set of patches fixes up the time doubling issues seen on laptops
with speedstep as well as other systems when HZ=100 or calibrate_tsc()
wasn't precise enough. No last-minute hand-editing of the diffs were
done and I've tested each step to insure they compile and boot. ;) The
patches in the order they should be applied are:

Patch 1: rename-timer_A1
o Your cleanups to the time code.
o Replaces your current rename-timer patch in your tree.
o Removes dependency on lost-tick-speedset-fix.

Patch 2: lost-tick-speedstep-fix_A1
o Detects speedstep time trouble and falls back to the PIT
o Replaces the lost-tick-speedstep-fix patch in your tree
o Adds dependency on rename-timer-A1

Patch 3: lost-tick-corner-fix_A0
o Fixes corner case where we detect an overflow between time source
o Depends on lost-tick-speedstep-fix_A1

Please consider for inclusion in your tree.


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