negative inode number in /proc/net/udp

negative inode number in /proc/net/udp

Post by Arnaud Giersc » Wed, 20 Feb 2002 06:10:10

There is the same problem with unix sockets.

--- linux.orig/net/unix/af_unix.c       Fri Dec 21 18:42:06 2001


-               len+=sprintf(buffer+len,"%p: %08X %08X %08X %04X %02X %5ld",
+               len+=sprintf(buffer+len,"%p: %08X %08X %08X %04X %02X %5lu",

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I'm trying to figure out how to debug these files outputs. I have already
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can see my program listening on a port from netstat, and this file, I will
also send/recv data but thats not really related to /proc heh. I was just
wondering does someone know where the por is? I get each connection is a
line... and it has a number... but like almost everything is in hex I think
and "man proc" isn't very helpful in telling you what the information in
the files mean. Any help will be appreciated.

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