What happened to the bttv drivers in 2.4.x?

What happened to the bttv drivers in 2.4.x?

Post by Daniel Haud » Fri, 12 Apr 2002 21:52:22


I'm missing the options to configure the Linux 2.4.16 kernel for bttv
(Hauppauge) video grabber cards. "make menuconfig" shows only very few
video drivers (much fewer than in 2.2.x), and bttv isn't among them. I did
find bttv-related files in the source tree though. I tried to build the
modules by manually putting CONFIG_BTTV=y into the .config file. The
modules get built indeed, but make modules_install complains several
screenshots worth about unresolved symbols.

While we're at it: How does one use a Promise Fasttrack IDE RAID
controller? The driver detects the drives but sees them as separate
units, not as the stripe RAID as which they are in fact configured (and
used by Windows on the same machine).


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1. Bug report with BTTV module in 2.4.x kernel

Okay, if someone could pass this to the right place (if any) ...

I have an ASUS P5A, with Miro BTTV 848 card

I have tried to install a 2.4.3 (Mandrake RPM) kernel, then a 2.4.8
(home compiled - Btw, there is no specific quirk for the chipset, as far
as I have seen, in the make config for 2.4.8 kernel)

With those kernels, I could not start either waxtv, or any version of
Kwintv : the box would freeze in a very bad way (no mouse, no keyboard,
no nothing).

The I reverted to 2.2.18, and it works fine.

I suspect the bttv driver has been changed ...

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