Booting from Compact Flash- sanity check

Booting from Compact Flash- sanity check

Post by Dani » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 12:53:14


I'm trying to boot RedHat Linux 2.4.18 from Compact Flash card on an
embedded i586 board.

Just want to confirm with the experts out there that I'm going about
it the right way-

1) Fdisk the 64MB CF card to make a single 64MB bootable Linux

2) mkfs /dev/sda1 (the CF is on /dev/sda1)

3) mkbootdisk -device /dev/sda1 2.4.18 (I'm using RedHat)

4) mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/flash

5) Replace /mnt/flash/vmlinuz with my own version that I compiled

6) Edit /mnt/flash/syslinux.cfg so that it points to the proper
location of the root partition.

-does that seem okay so far?

-Because I'm basing everything on the bootdisk of another system (ie.
my Development PC, not the target computer), am I setting myself up
for any headaches in the future?

-Should I be using RedHat for a target computer that only has 64MB
storage space?

-What else in /mnt/flash/ would I need to change?

-I'm currently investigating how to change initrd.img so that it
mounts the appropriate ram drives for the root partition. Would be
most greatful if someone could give me a few brief pointers.

-Can I have the root partition mounted on the flash instead of in ram?
If so, how do I make a root partition on the flash (in Linux)?

Thanks so much,