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I've got an old IDE disc (Quantum Maverick 270A) and it appears to be
detected OK, however I get about 15 hda: lost interrupt between
detection and printing the partition table (which seems to go OK).

this is on 2.5.69, with my own IDE driver (which I ported from 2.4.16)

any ideas? I heard 2.5 doesnt like some very old drives...

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1. e-ide driver 6.30 uses same interrupt on IDE-0 and IDE-1

I have a 10 GB SeaGate disk that works fine under Windows 95, not with Linux.

With W95, the Control Panel + Device Drivers + Hard Disk controllers says
it is using "standard double driver PCI-IDE", and its resources are

   I/O address --- 1F0-1F7 --- 170-177
   IRQ         ---      14 ---      15

With Linux, when Caldera eDesktop 2.4 starts, it logs

  Uniform multi-platform e-ide driver revision 6.30
    IDE-0 at 0x1F0-0x1F7 on IRQ 14.
    IDE-1 at 0x170-0x177 on IRQ 14.

I guess that "IRQ 14" ( two times ) makes this disk to be not reachable
( any access to this disk ends up with "lost interrupt" ).

How can I tell that "e-ide" driver to use IRQ 15 on IDE-1 ?

Thanks a lot. Sebastian.

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