information for SiS 648 chip support

information for SiS 648 chip support

Post by DuDeMo » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 14:04:52

Hi group, i',m intereting on how-to to support sis chipset, i have a new
Mobo from asus based on sis chip 648 the agp part of this mobo is 5591 chip,
but i cant see support in kernel, if i have a sis datasheet, it's possibile
to get some doc how-to add this chip in kernel?

Many thanks


1. SiS 648 / SiS 963L - which kernel?

I'm thinking of getting a
P4 - Socket 478 - Microstar ATX 648 DDR333 - LAN
which has the SiS 648 / SiS 963L chipsets.

Is anybody using this chipset combination?
If so, what kernel do you use and are there any  problems for eg with
on-board lan/audio/agp 8x etc...
I have today Suse 8.0, kernel 2.4.18.

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