Reg: Recompiling the kernel

Reg: Recompiling the kernel

Post by Ferose Kh » Wed, 21 May 2003 10:45:57


I am a newbie to linux. I bought a Flyvideo 2000 TV tuner card which
works fine in Windows but refused to work in redhat linux 8 . After
saerching a lot in the web I found the driver was available at But since I was using Redhat 8.0 which had
kernel 2.4.18-14. I needed to recompile the kernel to get my TV tuner
card working. Now after recompilation and installation of kernel
2.4.20 from TV tuner card works little bit .But both my KDE
and GNOME hangs then and there and crashes a lot saying they cannot
read some files from the disk. After doing some research I found that
when I use the new kernel my file system(EXT3) gets corrupted and
during boot it asks me to run fsck. I used the same config from my
previous dist for building the new kernel. Where did I go wrong please
help me . I haven't slept for the past three nights.



1. Reg assesing the impact of recompiling code base

Hi All,
We have lot of legacy code over here (0.1 million of headers and 0.1
million of source (c and fortran) code). We followed the model where we
wouldnt recompile a source file (.c,.f) whenever header (.h or .inc)
changes. This worked for us. Now we want to just assess the impact of
recompiling the whole world with latest set of headers from source
tree. The simplest and straightforward thing that I could think of was
to look at symbol table differences: run nm/dump on old and new object
files, get a list of all global (data/function) symbols, and analyze
the differences (size of a data symbol would change or new function
defined in header, etc). The reason is obvious, this is what I believe
would affect the executables we link with these libraries and doing
this symbol table analysis as mentioned would throw some reasonable
light on that impact. Any other ideas or better ways to do this would
be really helpful.
Also I have another question, if we start compiling all code from now
on with -KPIC option (to put position independent code) would it cause
problem if we use these objects in "static linking". Worse we can have
some objects in our archive libraries compiled with -KPIC and some not.
What would happen (correctness/performance). Sun tech support says
there should be no correctness impact. Is this always true?

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