Dynamic Probes port to s/390

Dynamic Probes port to s/390

Post by S Vamsikrishn » Wed, 20 Feb 2002 03:10:44

Dynamic Probes for s/390 is released.

Dynamic Probes is a generic and pervasive debugging facility that will
operate under the most extreme software conditions such as debugging a deep
rooted operating system problem in a live environment.

Dynamic Probes v2.2.0 has been ported to s/390 by Michael Grundy

2.4.7+addional s/390 updates.

Please visit the project webpage:

for downloading dprobes.

Regards.. Vamsi.

Vamsi Krishna S.
Linux Technology Center,
IBM Software Lab, Bangalore.
Ph: +91 80 5044959

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The trouble is 'special characters' (i.e. ascii values above 127 - the
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