Problem w/ sblive

Problem w/ sblive

Post by mobiu » Mon, 16 Jul 2001 23:04:13

Hey, I installed Mandrake 8.0 and everything is working great. Except
for mine SBLive. When I play TV the sound is good (line in) but with PCM
the bass seems to be missing. Any ideas?



1. SBLIVE driver problem

I know people ad nauseum about problems installing their Soundblaster Live,
but I have one more...

I've downloaded what I believe to be the correct drivers from Creative's web
site.  After performing the "make" I followed the directions exactly as
listed in the README.  However, on the last step, when I load the driver, I
get this message:

No dependency information for module

I can't seem to get past this.  What am I doing wrong?

BTW...RH6.1 if it matters.


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