Large block device support: new 2.4 patch; new mailing list

Large block device support: new 2.4 patch; new mailing list

Post by Peter Chub » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 06:40:13

        I recently put up a new patch against 2.4.20 on our website at

        As I no longer have access to larg emulti-terabyte block
devices to test with (nor indeed as much time as I'd need), I thought
it'd be worth trying to put people that do have such equipment in
touch with each other.  So I've created a mailing list.

As I personally *hate* being subscribed to lists I didn't know about,
I haven't subscribed anybody except myself to the list...  You can
subscribe yourselves at

or by sending an email containing the word `subscribe' to

        I'm intending to cc: all further answers to queries about LBD to that
list so that the questions and answers will be archived, and
googleable, and so that common information can be shared more easily.

        This email has been sent BCC to all the people who've sent
email queries to me about large block device support in the last few
weeks, as well as to the kernel mailing list.


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