3c59x: Performance problems with 3CCFE575CT

3c59x: Performance problems with 3CCFE575CT

Post by Felipe Alfaro Solan » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 16:20:08

Hi all,

I'm experiencing strange performance problems with my 3Com 3CCFE575CT
CardBus card. Throughput when receiving data is steady at ~11MB/s, but
throughput when sending data (for example via NFS or FTP) drops to

This happens on 2.4 and 2.5 kernels, on two completely different
machines: Compaq Presario 700E with AMD Athlon 1000Mhz and VIA chipset,

Intel Chipset.

However, if I replace in-kernel CardBus and 3c59x driver support with
SourceForge's PCMCIA-CS project (http://pcmcia-cs.sf.net), I can get
full throughput when sending and receiving, so this seems not a problem
with the card at all (PCMCIA-CS uses yenta_socket, i82365 and 3c575_cb
drivers - not 3c59x - and is only suppored on 2.4 kernels... 2.5 support
exists but is just limited to cardmgr currently).

I've been investigating but haven't still found an answer to this
problem. For example, if I connect via FTP to my main FTP server
(Pentium 4 + 3Com 3c905-TX-M) and do a GET, I get ~12000 KB/s. However,
doing a PUT of the same file, I do only get ~4000 KB/s. Don't know
what's going on.

Attached to this mail, there are several files:

vortex-diag-aa, vortex-diag-e, vortex-diag-mm are the output generated
by vortex-diag (with -aa, -e and -mm options) just after booting up
2.5.66-mm1 kernel at runlevel 2 (Red Hat Phoebe3 beta).

vortex-diag-aa2, vortex-diag-e2, vortex-diag-mm2 are generated by
vortex-diag (with -aa, -e and -mm options) after GETting a file from my
FTP server and then PUTting the same file back.

lspci-vvv is the output of /sbin/lspci-vvv and config is the
configuration used to compile 2.5.66-mm1.

Any ideas? More information will be sent on demand :-)

Thank you very much!

   Felipe Alfaro

        Felipe Alfaro Solana
   Linux Registered User #287198

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